Importance of an Oil Change

Summer has arrived in Delaware, which means you’re probably planning your next road trip! After you’re doing figuring out where you might like to go, and who you’re taking with you, it’s important that you make sure your vehicle of choice is properly maintained. One of the biggest factors here is getting an oil change. This might either seem too obvious or easy to put off until a later time, but many people don’t realize just how important oil changes can be to the overall health of your vehicle. In order to make sure you’re as educated on the subject as you can be, we’ll be going over some of the major reasons why you should be getting oil changes consistently throughout the vehicles life.

Why should I get an oil change?

Cool engine components: Heat is perhaps the most damaging thing that can happen in an engine. Oil is used to try and reduce friction, and if the oil isn’t kept up to date and clean, then it will stop being an effective way to reduce that friction. Cool engine components are ones that will get you where you need to go with little issue, but once you start to skip one oil change, and then another, you start to introduce the problem of overheating into the system.

Maintain engine lubrication: This has been touched upon briefly, but oil is necessary to properly lubricate the components inside of an engine. The different parts of the engine are working at high rates of speed, which means they produce heat, and friction, and without the proper amount of lubricant, that all ends in an eventual disaster. If there is one thing you do not want, it is to pay for an entirely new engine over something that could have easily been prevented with scheduled oil changes.

Improve gas mileage: The harder the engine has to work, the more gas that has to be consumed. By getting an oil change, you not only save money in avoiding any costly repairs, but you also save money at the gas pump. Over time the improvement is around 1-2%, which might not seem like a lot initially, but after constant use, that is money that stays in your pocket.

Remove engine sludge: When oil isn’t being changed, it starts to turn into another substance entirely. This substance is usually referred to as ‘sludge’. This makes the entire system move slower, and with the addition of dirt, you’ll see a drastic change in the life of your engine and the rate of corrosion.

Promote longevity: If you’ve been following along it’s pretty easy to see that by getting your oil changed you’ll be promoting the longevity of your engine and your vehicle. This means more money saved in the long run, less potential issues on a road trip, and peace of mind whenever you’re driving passengers around.

Where should I travel this summer in DE?

You’ve scheduled your vehicle for an oil change, now what? We suggest checking out some of these amazing places in Delaware. One of our favorite destinations is Rehoboth Beach, which includes plenty of history for a nice educational touch, restaurants with delicious food, amazing venues, and those outdoor photography opportunities that will make all of your friends and family jealous. Another place worth checking out is the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. This is one of the largest tidal salt marsh areas in the Atlantic region, and is perfect for anyone who wants to get closer to nature. For anyone more interested in a city feel, consider Delaware City! You can visit some historic landmarks, local parks, and delicious food.

At our dealership, we not only offer oil changes, but we also offer a whole list of preventative maintenance! Our trained mechanics understand how important it is to fix issues before they truly become a costly problem. If you’re ready to bring your vehicle in, schedule an appointment with us today!