Protect Your Cars Exterior

It’s summertime in Delaware, which means the sun is shining, and you’re probably worried about how that might affect the exterior of your vehicle. Whether it’s new or used, everyone wants to make sure that their vehicle is in top shape, and the truth is, the sun can do a lot of damage. We’re here to help provide you with some helpful tips to make sure that while you’re enjoying the sun on your skin, your vehicle doesn’t have to be enjoying any unnecessary sun damage. Down below you’ll find some helpful tips on how to keep your vehicle’s exterior safe from the summer heat.

Park in the shade: One of the easiest ways to protect your vehicle is to simply not park in the sun. If you have the option to park in a parking garage, and it isn’t any further inconvenience, we highly recommend doing so. However, for those of you who do not have this opportunity, try to park near trees, tall buildings, or anywhere else that is casting a large shadow. You don’t have to worry much about the sun if it isn’t touching your vehicle in the first place.

Wash/Dry often: Heat and sun has a tendency to crack paint, which makes for an unhappy summer when you come outside and your vehicle suddenly doesn’t look the way it used to. In order to help prevent this from happening, you should be frequently washing and hand drying. This way you can remove dust particles and dirt, which both contribute to dulling the finish of the vehicle, and creating micro scratches.

Wax your car: Whenever you go outside in the summer sun, you immediately start applying sunscreen. By waxing your vehicle, you’re effectively doing the same thing. A single layer of wax can be all you need to save your vehicle from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. You’ll need to wax on a fairly regular basis, but by combining this with washing and drying, your vehicle will be able to stand up to the Delaware heart.

Use plastic polish/rubber protectant: The paint of your vehicle isn’t the only thing that you’ll want to take care of. By using things like plastic polish you can help ensure that you won’t have to handle cracked plastics or any kind of hazing. Along the same lines, rubber protectants are important parts of making sure that the rubber doesn’t go brittle. These are some small but helpful substances you can use to keep your vehicle in top condition, no matter how hot the weather has become.

Where should I travel this summer in Delaware?

Taking care of the exterior of your vehicle shouldn’t stop you from your next adventure! We highly recommend stopping into Wilmington and visiting Brandywine Creek and the Hagley Museum. You should also visit Rehoboth Beach and explore Cape Henlopen Park and the Rehoboth Boardwalk! There are plenty of fun things to do in the local Delaware area, so it’s time to set your GPS, and go!

Here at Winner Auto Group, our service center can take care of oil changes, brake repairs, transmission fluid flushes, and battery replacements. We’ll even help you out if your vehicle’s exterior does, in fact, get damaged this summer. We are here to help you, and if you’re having issues or want to prepare your vehicle for a road trip, schedule an appointment and let us do the rest!